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New Orleans Photography Skyline

The New Orleans Skyline from the River...

Vicki Stanwycks has been shooting Aerial Photography since 1992. She has shooting experience with various aircraft including Cessna's, Helicopters, and Sea Planes. She has developed resources and relationships with several pilots and aviation companies that will fly the studio's photographer's to desired destination(s) to shoot the aerial images you need. We fly anywhere in the Gulf, The Mississippi River, and in the Southern regions. We create images for the Oil & Gas Industry, Marine and Transportation, land developers, legal teams, the government, real estate, construction, the shipping industry, ships, surveillance and progress reporting. Please call today to discuss your Aerial project so we can get started right away.

"Stanwycks Aerial Images were used for an exhibition to be released by the Smithsonian Institute for Import and Export in the United States... Release to be in 2014. "

Aerial Photography covered all over the Southern Region

Stanwycks Photography

Specializes in Aerial Photography. We shoot using Cessna's, Sea Planes, and Helicopters.  Our photographers shoot Ships in the river and rigs in the Gulf. We shoot import and export, ships loading, the New Orleans Sky Line, buildings, construction, progression photography. Whatever you need we can make it happen.

Aerial Photography Assignments

Aerial Images shot by Aerial Pros with over 23 years of experience
  • Hourly, Half Day and Full Day Rates

  • Cessna's, Sea Planes, Choppers and Helicopter's Available

  • Experienced Photographers, and Pilots, over 20 years

  • Photography for Land and Building Developers                                

  • Rigs, Ships, Vessels, Fleets, Operations

  • Progress Photography and Development

  • Legal

  • Real Estate

  • Personal Art, a photo of your home or office


  • Travel Time and Assignment if  more than 2 hours, 1/2 day rate applies

  • Half and Full Day Rates - Price determined on assignment

  • Images on Drop Box Available, remastering included, Please Inquire

  • Retouching available

Aerial Images for Web sites, Brochures, Prints, and art...

For your Website, Brochures, Print?

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Aerial Photography

New Orleans Port

Ship Photography

Progress Photography

Are you building a Water Treatment Plant?

Do you have a 60,00 Square foot building that you would like beauty shots of?

Aerial Photography shows how it's progressing from start to finish.

Mixed Media choices available, Printed materials, brochures and Graphic Design, retouching and digital darkroom, Photoshop services available