New Orleans LA Professional Convention and Event Photographers for Corporate, Meetings, Trade shows, Awards Presentations, Speakers, Parties, Groups New Orleans Louisiana Professional Convention and Event Photographers, Destination Photography Services New Orleans LA Professional Convention and Event Photography for Corporate, Meetings, Trade shows, Awards Presentations New Orleans Louisiana Convention and Event Services, Paries, Meetings, Speakers, Groups

Professional Convention Photographers in New Orleans

For Executives, Meetings and Corporate Events...

Trade Shows, Exhibits, Award Ceremonies, Presentations, Speakers, Meetings, Parities, Events, Etc...

Stanwycks Photography Shoots Conventions, Corporate and Event Photography

Corporate and Event Photography captures the people and places where business is created. New Orleans is one of the Largest Convention Venues in the Country. We offer coverage of events on location at the various convention locations at the huge convention center, venues throughout the French Quarter and actually - the whole Southern Region including the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Mississippi Gulf coast and all it's Casinos and Meeting Rooms.  Whatever and wherever your event is we provide services that can create a studio On-location, meeting, awards, speakers, events, parties, and tourist gatherings. We even offer workshops for small and large groups at conventions. 

The images we create tell the story of who your business is, the people that play their part, the places you work every day. We focus too, on the brand you offer and the products and services you create. As professional photographers we create a face for your business and can have it ready right away and posted on line in a flash. We photograph Executives, CEO's, Politicians, the boardroom, your corporate location, the products and services you offer and manufacture, award ceremonies, meetings, groups, conventions, speeches, etc. We can create executive portraits in the studio where lighting, backgrounds, and our facilities are always available. Our studio can  supply make up and hair stylists, or you can bring your own. We can also go to your location and set up a studio and photograph all your employees in a studio setting for uses such as websites or other promotional materials. Corporate photography covers many things. We can be their capturing every facet of your business life, building images that work at selling to promote your product or brand(s) for your websites, social media, networking, and promotional materials.

Studio On Location, our Photographers can create a studio anywhere

We can bring our studio anywhere you need us to shoot and set up there. We have set up for Executive Headshots in the New Orleans Convention Center many times. It's a great way to get everyone as they are all there for a convention. We can create a  studio set up in your office and photograph all your employees.


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 Convention Services encompass many subjects as each convention is unique 


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New Orleans Photo Shoots Conventions, Events,  and anything Corporate...




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Conventions, Corporate Events, Executive Headshots, New Orleans Photo covers all facets of conventions, groups, events, meetings, parties, exhibit booths, People at work, etc.

Conventions, Executive Headshots, CEO, Corporate, Products, Events

Convention Photography, We can do it, do it well,  and make it easy, especially for Destination Events and Meetings.

1/2 Day and Full Day Rates Determined on Assignment

Studio and Location, Drop Box Services

Studio Set Up anywhere, for People, Product or Demonstrations, Etc.

Interior Exterior Photography of Commercial Locations

Groups, Speakers, Events, Tours, Meetings, Awards Presentations, Parties, Banquets, Sip and See, Candid Photography,

Candid, Speeches, Documentation - Signage, Booths, meeting rooms, presentations, demonstrations,  cocktail parties, luncheons, dinners


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