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Portfolios, Zed Cards, Comp Cards, Social Media, Facebook Time Lines, Model Web and Mini Web Sites, Cards, Etc...

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Men Models New Orleans Headshots

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Male Model New Orleans Headshots

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Modeling Photography

Stanwycks specializes in shooting Models.  Our Photographers create looks that reflect you,  Our Studio offers simple  sessions to Super Model Sessions. On Location our Photographers  use New Orleans as a colorful backdrop.  Our Studio's sessions for Models are shot with the end result in mind for  portfolio's,  zed cards, web sites and self promotion. 


We love  shooting on location using some of the backgrounds we have found  around town and close to the studio. If you have some ideas please tell us so we can shoot it.


People look their best when they sport looks that are more authentic. Working from an individual perspective we can create looks that are trending,  edgy, simple and easy. Call for a consultation.

Studio Information for Models

The Studio is located in the Uptown area of New Orleans and have been here for several years. Vicki Stanwycks has been shooting Models and Portfolios for over 22 years.  Model Photographers shoot differently than portrait photographers. Our style is more spontaneous and geared more towards advertising. Stanwycks has been in the advertising industry  for more than 20 years and has developed a unique style that can be seen in her images. She specializes in shooting  commercially for promotion purposes for commercial entities.


 "We like to create a plan before the shoot, especially the Super Model shoots where many outfits are required... knowing details, outfits,  locations, etc.  eliminates surprises; so the focus can be on you.  When we pull it all together the images look great.   We love working with Models and making great images."

So you want to become a model...

So how does one get started to become a model? Many have asked us  over the years and are attracted to the glamour and work.  If it were so easy everyone would be doing it which is why everyone's not.

Modeling is hard work. Attention to details and how you manage your life, including food, exercise, grooming, etc. are important. Keen attention to detail and trends are  absolutely key to any success.   The competition for modeling is fierce. A Model must be strong and have to deal with rejection. 

Stanwycks Coaches  Models from a Photographers point of view and has worked with countless Models, Advertising Agencies and Agents. Her experience knowing what looks good for the camera, what  works  and what won't.  It's not easy to pose, dress or know what to do first.   Call today, we can help...

New Orleans Modeling Photography

Models Headshtos

Model Portfolio Sessions, Portfolios, Facebook, Comp Cards, Digital Portfolios, Slide shows...

If Modeling is something you want to do, you need photos! We offer several sessions to create the looks you want and need to get you started today!

We offer Facebook Timelines, everyone uses Facebook. It's a great way to get your portfolio seen. Using your images we create several things for Facebook.
We also create portfolios, digital portfolios, slide shows, retouching, etc...

Please call to schedule an appointment so you can decide what's best. Other services are available as well.

Call for your modeling consultation. During your consultation we discuss your session, and what you need, clothes - outfits, hair & make up, styles, studio and location sessions. We love to shoot on location and have many locations we like to shoot with our models.  You get to view your images the same day of the shoot, what could be more convenient!

Do you need a great Modeling Portfolio?

We can photograph you in A variety of outfits and styles...

Studio and Location Sessions

Whatever you are thinking for modeling we can make it happen.   We have  great  successes with the people we work with.  The more you time you put into modeling, the more you will get out of it.


Ongoing 2014 | One on One Coaching

Becoming a Model and where to start. Your Portfolio, Comp Cards, Agencies and what to do first...
You know you want to be a  model but don't know where to begin. We can help. This program is available as well as a more developed program.

 Ongoing  2014 | 2 comments
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We offer workshops for Modeling, Talent, and the Photographer...

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